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Denver Fencing Company supplies our valued services to all of our loyal customers in Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado. We are experts on all things fencing and gate related. We have a team of trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering a premium standard of service to you. Our staff are equipped with all the tools and modern technology needed to ensure that the job gets done properly the first time.

This allows us to consistently deliver a standard of service that is unmatched in the area and leaves you satisfied with the end result.

About Spartan Fencing Denver

Denver Fencing Company supplies all of our expert services to properties of all shapes and sizes. We have vast experience installing fences and gates on both commercial and domestic properties. Our staff have installed wood fencing outside a home and metal fencing outside a large business property. 

No job is too big or too small for us to take on and deliver an expert standard of service to. If you would like to learn more about us then visit the contact us page and get in touch.

Our Available Fencing Services In Denver

Here at Denver Fencing Company, we have great pride in the quality of the expert services that we provide to all of our valued customers. We are your one-stop-shop for all things fencing and gate-related. If you would like to learn more about any of our expert services or if you would like to book us for a job then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can reach us via phone or email.

Cedar/Wood Fence

Wood fencing is one of the most popular choices for fencing in homes all across the country. It is a classic that gives your property a warm and homely feel. We install high-quality wood fencing that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Wood is available at a low cost and it is quick and easy to repair. This makes it ideal for use as a building material for fencing on your property. To add a classy touch to your property, hire us to install wood fencing today.

Several types of wood fencing are on the market. Cedar is one of the most highly sought-after options. It produces special oils that act as its lines of defense against pests and the elements. Cedar can certainly stand up against Denver weather and stays beautiful for years. Cypress and redwood are also recommended choices for wood fencing. Both offer longevity and durability that are comparable to cedar. Different styles of wood fencing are available as well. These include traditional wood picket, vertical board, post and rail fencing, and more modern horizontal louver fences to name a few. While picket and post and rail fences are decorative and add classic charm to a property, vertical board fences and louver fencing provide greater privacy. 

Keep in mind, that even the highest quality woods require some level of ongoing maintenance. You may need to have your fence sealed or refinished from time to time to prevent weathering and decay. Preventative measures can also help keep wood from cracking and warping as it sometimes does when constantly exposed to the elements. 

For most people, price is certainly a concern. You can rest assured that wooden fencing is a cost-effective solution no matter what your needs may be. That being said, the wood privacy fence cost in Denver will typically be higher than that of decorative fencing because more materials and labor are involved in the installation. 

When you work with dedicated Denver fence contractors like us, you can be sure your fence will give you lasting protection and curb appeal. We’ll also be on hand well after installation is complete to offer maintenance and repairs if needed. 

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Metal Fence

One of the more popular choices for fencing is metal fencing. There are lots of metals that can be used in fencing. Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron are all popular choices for fencing. These meals are readily available and easy to be recycled into fencing. This makes metal fencing sustainable and eco-friendly. Metal fencing is also versatile and very effective as a security fence as it is strong and durable. Most metal fencing is meant to be decorative and help enhance security around a property. This is the case with classic wrought iron fencing, which lends a beautiful, elegant look and feel to homes and businesses. Wrought iron is strong and can last for decades as long as it’s maintained well. Because of its attractiveness and longevity, though, this type of fencing is often more expensive than other options. It’s also known to rust if it’s not cared for properly.

If you’d like the look of wrought iron without some of the added cost, consider tubular stainless steel. It’s made to resemble wrought iron and is a bit less expensive. Like iron, it can rust if it’s not maintained, which will detract from the look and longevity of the fence. Proper fence installation in Denver is also a key factor in making sure a stainless steel fence lasts as long as it should. 

Tubular aluminum is another less costly alternative to wrought iron. It’s much lighter than steel and won’t rust. This is the least expensive of these three options. Though it’s a tough material, it won’t hold up to impacts quite as well as tubular steel or wrought iron. 

As one of the top fence companies in Denver, we offer all these metal decorative and security fence options. We also provide other types of metal fencing. Since these choices don’t provide much in the way of privacy, we have a selection of metal privacy fencing solutions to help secure your property and keep prying eyes at bay.

If you’re looking for metal privacy fencing without sacrificing appearance, plenty of choices in this category are also available from fencing companies in Denver. Galvanized steel is a popular product due to its strength and low maintenance requirements. Though some steel fences appear a bit bland and cold, you can select from a range of styles and colors for added versatility and aesthetic appeal. You can also choose steel or aluminum fence panels that are designed to resemble wood.

Composite Fence

Composite fencing is a popular choice for fencing. It is cost-effective and it can look amazing after installation. We will help you choose a composite fence that matches your property and suits your needs and wants. A composite fence can make an effective perimeter fence that will add security to your property while establishing a clear property border between you and your neighbor. Composite fencing consists of a combination of wood and plastic. It’s an unusual blend of components that results in a spectacular material. It’s also extremely versatile since it’s available in a wide range of colors and can be made to resemble natural wood. Virtually any style of fence can be created using composite boards or panels. 

This type of fencing will last at least 30 years, and it requires little to no maintenance even in the face of extreme temperatures and conditions. Despite being partially composed of wood, composite is impervious to insects and won’t decay. While this type of fencing costs more than some of the other alternatives, the lack of maintenance and repair costs tends to make up for the initial investment over time.

Vinyl Fence


Vinyl is a very effective option for fencing on your property. Vinyl is strong durable and long-lasting. It also has an amazing aesthetic that can boost a property’s atmosphere. Vinyl fencing can last for years with very little need for maintenance. Vinyl is also weather-resistant so it will not be damaged by the cold winter months. 

When it comes to versatility, other materials can’t compare to a vinyl fence in Denver. As is the case with composite, vinyl is available in a long list of colors and styles and can be used to create any type of fence imaginable. Various textures and decorative elements can be added to vinyl fences as well to further ramp up their appearance. 

Despite its many strong suits, vinyl fencing can be a bit pricey. Having wood grain texturing, additional layers and decorative pieces included in the package will further increase the cost of a vinyl privacy fence in Denver. Still, most people who have this type of fence on their property insist that the longevity and durability of the material help them recoup the cost of materials and installation. 

Chain-link Fence 

Inexpensive and simple to construct, chain-link fencing is still a fantastic option for homeowners. This type of fencing is durable, is open, so it’s possible to still see out to the surrounding area, and can be made to any length that’s needed. It also comes in different heights and can be coated to protect it further from the elements.

The installation of a chain-link fence typically doesn’t take long. The posts are placed on the ground, and then caps are placed on the post. A steel tube goes between the caps, providing a rigid top for the fence. The wire mesh fencing is then attached to the posts and the steel tube, and the construction of the fence is completed. From there, homeowners can consider options that create more privacy, like training plants to grow up the fence to cover the mesh wires. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive fence that can be installed fast, a chain-link fence may be a great option. You can even turn it into a privacy fence inexpensively, though options like training plants to cover it do take some time. If you’re ready to look into the options for a chain-link fence around your yard, contact us now.

Ranch Rail Fencing Denver

Ranch rail fencing is the type of fencing commonly found around farms or ranches. The fencing is open, so it doesn’t keep small animals in or out, but it is a great option for livestock fencing. It’s also an older type of fence, but it’s still a stylish option for ranch-style homes or homeowners who want a simple fence surrounding their property. 

A ranch rail fence begins with posts being buried into the ground. Most often, the posts are made from cedar, as it has pest, weather, and fire resistance naturally. Then, horizontal pickets are attached to the vertical posts. Typically, there are two or three horizontal pickets with a significant amount of space between them, but there are plenty of other design options as well. Though this is not a type of privacy fence, it is a perfect option for those who just want to mark off the edges of their property or who own livestock. 

With both simple and more sophisticated looks available, a ranch rail fence looks fantastic in front of just about any home. If you’re looking for a fence that’s easy to install, a ranch rail fence may be a good option for you. Talk to us today to learn more about your options.

Shadowbox Privacy Fence Denver

With a standard fence, there’s the good side that the pickets are installed on and the ugly side that shows the vertical and horizontal posts. With a shadowbox privacy fence, both sides are the good side. The fence is installed with the pickets alternating on either side, creating a fence that’s more difficult to see through, but that looks good no matter what side you’re on. 

Many homeowners consider installing a fence with the pickets on the inside so they don’t have to look at the posts every day. Unfortunately, when done this way, it means the ugly side of the fence faces out, decreasing curb appeal for the home. It also makes it easier for someone to break in since they can climb over the fence using the horizontal posts. A shadowbox fence eliminates all of these problems since the pickets are placed on both sides of the fence.

 If you’re looking for a privacy fence that looks great from both sides, make sure you check out the options for a shadowbox privacy fence. With plenty of choices for wood and designs, you can get a fence that looks amazing. Find out more by contacting us now

Horizontal Privacy Fence Denver

When someone pictures a wood privacy fence, they typically think of a fence with vertical pickets that are placed close together. Though this is the more standard look for a wood privacy fence, there are other options as well. A horizontal privacy fence is one option that’s proving to be popular with homeowners who are looking for something unique or stylish. 

The construction of a horizontal privacy fence is similar to that of a vertical one, but the pickets are placed horizontally. There are options available for homeowners to consider, though, so the fence doesn’t just look like a horizontal fence. Different wood choices are available to alter the color of the fence, the fence can be painted in any color, and there are different options for pickets, so it’s possible to have thin ones, thicker ones, or a combination. 

Are you looking to install a privacy fence? If you’re looking for something a little more unique, a horizontal privacy fence might be the best choice. Your fence can include any options you pick out and will end up looking stunning. Contact us today to learn more about the plethora of options available or to start planning your new fence.

 Split Rail Fencing Denver

Another fence option with a timeless appeal is the split rail fence. Similar in look to the ranch rail fence, this can be a great option for someone who wants an inexpensive way to fence in a large yard or who wants a clean, open look along with a way to keep small kids or pets in the yard. 

The posts for a split rail fence are already drilled and ready for the horizontal posts, so the installation for this type of fence is fast. Depending on what the homeowner prefers, this may be all that’s needed. If the homeowner wants to make the yard a little more secure without detracting from their view, a weld wire mesh can be added to the fence. This doesn’t take away from the look of the fence but effectively blocks off the open spaces between the horizontal posts, so kids and pets can’t get out of the fence easily. 

If you’d like a simple, classic fence that’s inexpensive and easy to install, a split rail fence is a perfect option. They can be installed with or without the weld wire mesh, depending on your preferences. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the options for split rail fences.

Decks Denver Fence

Whether you need a new deck built or you’re looking over the options for your old deck, working with a pro allows you to make sure you get exactly what you want without the hard work. Built, repaired, and restored to the highest standards, you’ll be able to spend the spring and summer months enjoying the deck while you relax in the evenings or entertain friends and family.

Replacement or New Deck

If you don’t have a deck now, talk to a deck builder about creating a custom deck for your yard. They’ll be able to work with you to determine exactly what the deck should look like, then handle the hard work of building the deck with the most rigorous safety guidelines in mind. If you already have a deck, but it doesn’t fit your needs, or it’s in poor shape, it may be time to look into deck replacement. Depending on the repairs needed to get the deck back in shape, the deck replacement cost may be competitive, and a replacement will allow you to make sure the deck is exactly what you need and want.

Deck Repairs

If your deck has been damaged or is wearing with age, a deck repair may be needed. Loose deck railing or floorboards can be dangerous, but a professional can have them fixed fast. Whether you have a patio deck or a wooden porch, the right repairs can ensure the deck is ready to be used for years to come. If your deck has been damaged in a storm, the contractor can handle the pool deck repair, so it’s safe to use the deck and swim in your pool. Let the pros handle the repairs, no matter what repairs are needed, so you know they’re done right.

Deck Restorations

You may want to check into deck restore and deck refinishing services if your deck is in good shape but doesn’t look good anymore. Peeling paint, fading colors, and other issues may take away from the look of your deck, even though they don’t impact the function. A professional can restore a deck quickly and properly, so it looks like new again and will be protected, so it lasts longer.

Get the Right Help When you need to repair, restore, or replace a deck, instead of learning how to paint a deck or how to do the repairs, let a professional handle the job. They can make sure everything is done correctly, so you don’t have to worry about any issues. You’ll just be able to relax and enjoy the deck again.

If you’re looking for deck contractors near me or deck repair near me so you can start enjoying the deck again, our team can help. Our experienced deck contractors can handle new builds, replacements, restorations, and repairs for any deck. Contact Aurora Fencing Pros now to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a time to talk with us about your upcoming project.

Fence/Gate Repair

If you have an old or damaged gate or fence on your property then you should hire us for Denver fence construction & repair. If you hire us to repair your fence or gate it could save you from having to pay for a complete replacement. We can fix your fences and gates so that they look and function well as new. If you need a fence or gate repaired on your property today, you should contact us as soon as possible. 

Having damage and visible signs of wear greatly detracts from not only the appearance of a fence but its value and effectiveness. Broken boards or panels and weak spots can leave your family and property vulnerable to intrusions. These issues can also increase the likelihood of pest invasions and other problems. It’s important to have fence repair in Denver carried out by experts like us as soon as possible to thwart the potential dangers. 


Also, remember that even fences made of the sturdiest and longest-lasting materials are only as strong as their gates. If the gate is broken, falling off its hinges, or the latch isn’t working properly, the fence can’t keep children and pets inside where they’re safe or prevent intruders from coming in at will. Pay close attention to your gate, and be sure to contact us, one of the most trusted fence contractors in Denver, to handle all your gate repair needs. 

Gates & Gate Automation

Denver Fencing Company specializes in both fencing and gates. We deliver an exceptional standard of gate installation. Whether you need a wood gate or an automatic gate we can install one that suits your needs and works as it should. If you need a gate installed on your property you should give us a call or send us an email. We will get to work right away by adding a stylish and effective gate to your property.

For those who are having a new fence installed on their property, choosing the right type of gate to accompany it is essential. Gates increase the appearance, effectiveness, and functionality of fencing. Their placement and proper installation by only the best fence in Denver co are crucial to getting the most out of the entire investment. 

Traditional manual gates are popular among homeowners, but they’re not the only options on the market. These days, automated gates are becoming increasingly common. Your local expert Denver fence contractors can install electric gates with remotes as well as smart gates that can be opened, closed, locked, and unlocked via your smartphone from anywhere. 

Let us provide the gate installation services you need to keep your property safe and beautiful. If it’s time for an upgrade, we handle gate automation as well.

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Denver Fencing Company delivers a service that is designed to leave our customers happy. To do this, we need to know what our customers’ needs and wants are. That is why we have staff who are dedicated to answering your emails and your phone calls. We want to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our expert services, if you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, or if you would just like to book us for a job please do not hesitate to get in touch. Fencing is a critical element in the appearance, value, safety, and privacy of local homes and businesses. If a fence or gate is old, worn, or damaged, it diminishes all the other aspects of the property. At Denver Fencing Company, we’re here to make sure your fence lives up to your expectations.

From fence and gate installation to preventative maintenance and repairs, we’re here to handle all your Denver fencing requirements. If you’re not sure which style of fence or materials will best suit your needs and budget, we’ll gladly use our knowledge and experience to help you decide. Call us or fill out the form on our website to learn more or schedule services, and let us show you why we’re Denver’s top fencing contractors.

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